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The company has a global media platform. The Common Good Media was conceived based on the best-selling book, “The Common Good: Rising of A New Dawn.” The Author and Founder of JFG makes the point that the common good is not just a cliché, it really does work. We seek to inform, inspire, and empower people, businesses, and communities by sharing innovative cost-effective solutions, business best practices, and opportunities for personal growth. Our guests are authors, healthcare and behavioral health professionals, musicians, athletes, nutritionists, business owners, and other professionals, who are passionate about helping others and making a difference in the community.

The Common Good Media (Radio/Television):

Provides a platform for businesses to discuss experiences, successes and increase their exposure in the marketplace.

Helps others live a more purposeful life, develop a healthy lifestyle, increase financial literacy/debt reduction, and improve quality of life.

Serves as valuable resource to inform audiences of resources and opportunities for professional/personal growth, inspires audience with personal stories that demonstrate perseverance/passion, and empowers individuals to take action.

Inspires action to promote equality and justice, and fosters conversations on politics, business, and religion.

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